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Cuddle Sack - Hot Pack / Cold Pack - Snuggle Bag BY PRETTY CRAFTY, LLC AT 513-307-6050
Size - 8 x 10

Machine Washable (Has outer "Pillow Case") High Quality, All Natural Therapy Microwave Heat Pad / Freezer Cold Pack How "Cuddle Sack" Works!

Hot- To use "Cuddle Sack" as a hot pack, place in microwave on High 2-3 minutes. (Flip over ½ way if no rotating turntable in microwave) If moist heat is needed, mist "Cuddle Sack" with water before heating. Stays hot for 30 minutes.
Cold- To use "Cuddle Sack" as cold pack, place in freezer for 2 or more hours. Our cold packs do not sweet, melt or leak any liquids and is better then using ice or even the blue liquid packs. Stays cold & dry up to 40 minutes.

Washable- wash and dry the outer "sleeve" as needed. 
Helps soothe arthritis, T. M. J., Sports Injuries, Migraines, Stress, Back Aches, Muscle Pain, Sinus Pressure, Menstrual Cramps, Carpal Tunnel, Bursitis (sac of liquid between bone and tendon).
Other Uses with Cuddle Sack!
Bed Warmer
Snuggle Bag for Kids
Crib Warmer
Car Seat Warmer
Hand & Feet Warmer, Food
Warmer/Bread Warmer
Only $14.00 for a great gift for:
Mom, Dad, Relatives, Bosses, Teachers, Doctors, Shut-Ins...
patterns vary in materials
E-mail your colors you'd prefer or make request with payment.
(ie: floral, checked, greens, darks, pastels, etc.)
Shipping cost: $7.00 each and $3.75 for each addition - shipping will be included at checkout. QUESTIONS CALL 1-513-307-6050
For security reasons, shipping address must match the payer's credit card billing address.  Shipping to a credit card billing address significantly reduces the risk that a buyer is paying with a stolen credit.

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Pretty Crafty, LLC
Cindy Costa at (513) 307-6050
2007 Drewersburg Rd
West Harrison, Indiana 47060

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