Price List For Candle Art

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Glassware's: Per Item Per Dozen
 2 ˝ oz. Votive  75˘  $ 9.00
 4 oz. Beveled glass  75˘  $ 9.00
 5 oz. Juice Jar  75˘  $ 9.00
 12 oz. Coke glass  99˘  $ 11.88
 8 oz. Stemware  $1.50  $18.00
 5 oz. Stemware  $1.50  $15.00
 Cylinder Bottle w/funnel Cap  85˘  $ 10.20
 Plastic Bowl or Plate  75˘  $ 9.00
 Airbrushed Sign  $85.00 -  EACH
  • Votive candle's glassware are 75˘ each.
  • The Juice Jars' glassware are 75˘ each.
  • The 12 oz. Coke glassware are 99˘ each.
  • Pre waxed Wick sticks (14 inches long) are 25˘ each. These are placed in glassware after the person is finished with the candle. WICKS CAN BE CUT TO SIZE TO GO FARTHER
  • We have a $100.00. minimum order, before shipping costs are added OR A $5 SERVICE FEE IS ADDED.

Here is a listing of Colors and Prices:
  • For candle art we carry regular colors of Red, Black, Blue (SLATE OR FLORESCENT), Green (KELLY OR GRASS), White (SCENT OR NONSCENT), Purple, white. scented white, yellow, orange. Mauve, Burgandy (scented), Yellow, Orange, Light Pink, Baby Blue, and a Teal.
    The regular colors are $2.75 per pound.
  • We carry the Fluorescent colors that are blacklight effective.
    The blacklight effective colors are: hot pink, hot green, hot orange, hot yellow, or Neon Blue.
    These are very brilliant in color (glow in black light). These Brillent glowing colors are $2.75 per pound. per lb.
  • Wax Granules are $2.75 per lb. for regular colors, scented colors, and Iredescent, Blacklight Effective Colors.
  • Candle scents can be added to the candle after craft is made. We can tell you how to do this when ordering.
* If you are interested in purchasing the wax colors at 50 lbs. per color and buy 200 or more lbs. then the prices go down to $2.50 per lb. for the regular colors and for the fluorescent or HOT colors that are blacklight effective.
*These prices do not include shipping and handling which we give you the best rate through UPS, USPS, or Averett Trucking Company (for pallet size orders) depending on the size of your order.
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