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Click here to view larger photo 10 x 20 Booth Of Sand Art, Candle Art and Wax_Hands Booth 
10 x 20 Booth Of Sand Art, Candle Art and Wax Hands for "Hands On" craft at a festival.
Click here to view larger photoThe Cylinder Bottles with the funnel cap sell for 75¢ ea. and display nicely on the table for people to see and choose the desired colors they want to use to make their candle. No need for funnels since it is in the cap. The plastic bowls or plates can control the line up and organize service to the kids as they use it to work on their candle they are making. 
The bowl is 75¢ ea.
The airbrushed signs fills a large area up at the back of the booth and can be seen Candle Art Bannerfrom a very far distance because of the brightness in colors used.... This sells for $75.00 and is airbrushed on canvas so you can easily fold it for easy storage. It has grommet holes for easy hanging. 
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4 oz. Beveled Glass - 75¢ each.

12 oz. Coke glassware
12 oz. Coke Glass

99¢ each for the glassware.

This is a sample of a finished 5 oz. juice jar that sells for 75¢ ea. for the glassware. The finished 5 oz. juice jar will burn for up to 25 hours. We sell this style at festivals for $5.00 each.

"Small Stemware" Glass

This comes in 5 oz. or 8 oz. size.


Click here to view larger photoHere is a finished Juice Jar and a Votive. The Votive 2 ½ oz. Glassware price is 55¢ ea. The Juice Jar 5 oz. glassware is 50¢ ea. The finished 2 ½ oz. votive burns up to 10 hours. The finished 5 oz. juice jar has a stemware look at base. The  Candle art and sand art is a "hands on" festive activity where the people can make their own candle or sand art in what ever colors they choose. We need to remind our "sand art" fans that the candle art is granulated wax and not sand.
Samples of Candle Art in Blacklight BoxSample are inside the Electric Black Light BoxClick here to view larger photo for displaying the candles attracts people as they see the fluorescent colors glow in the box. This can be seen across the whole festival! Teens flock to this.... We can make the box for you for $80.00 or you can make it yourself (can give you instructions with your order).
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