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Scented or unscented granulated wax as fine as sand in many different colors allows you to create your own candle by pouring layers of wax in decorative glassware of your choice. This is the same process as Sand Art. The pre waxed wicks, colored wax of your choice, and glassware are made available by mail. There are now "florescent colored" waxes that are Black light Responsive for an awesome GLOW... E-mail us for more details on prices of "start-up business" (included are detailed instructions on "How To" do candle art and get contracts in your area when you order), granulated waxes, or supplies such as wicks, glassware, and airbrush signs. We can set you up to do candle art at your fundraiser event and give you the "Know How" to do this business in your area. CALL 513-307-6050
Candle wax average burn time is approximately 5-7 hours per ounce.
Five "black light effective" colors are now available!!!!
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